Christmas On Palmar Island

All He Wants For Christmas

She doesn't date musicians - ever. He’s playing gigs and working on his record deal. When sparks fly between these two, can they resist? 

Joel Fisher always wanted to be a professional musician. He thought his dream was coming true when he landed a job with one of the biggest music shows in town. Unfortunately, isn’t everything he’d hoped it would be. What he really wants is a record deal.  

Michelle Braxton’s rockstar dad let her down...again. He canceled their Christmas trip and forgot to tell her. Without the kindness of Miss Doris she’d be stuck on Palmar Island with no place to stay. 

A chance encounter has sparks flying between these two, but will Michelle stick around when she finds out Joel is a singer?


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Reviews:judi duncan on Amazon wrote:

This book is the perfect example of why I love Susanne Ash books. She is a great storyteller! This is the 3rd in the Palmer Island Series. Each can be read as a standalone but the previous characters make an appearance. Because of this the books have a homey feel that grounds them. This book has Michelle meeting her father at Palmer island to spend a long awaited Christmas together. Joel is a musician working constantly. That is when the two worlds collide in a coffee shop. Literally. She has a problem with musicians. He doesn't have time for tourists. It's such a sweet clean romance. Written well with such great characters you find yourself wanting to visit and wishing you had friends like these! This book doesn't disappoint. I received this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed every minute of it and I recommend it! I will be purchasing as well! Looking forward to what comes next!

Alice Shepherd on Amazon wrote:

When Michelle spills her latte on an innocent bystander in the coffee shop, she immediately apologizes and introduces herself. They exchange phone numbers so she can ‘repay’ him for her clumsiness. He calls her and the rest is history! How does the daughter of a popular rock and roll star make sure the up and coming music star loves her for herself and not for what her father can do for him and his career?
I love the setting for these books…Myrtle Beach, SC is a great place and close to home.