A single dad trying to find his way away from his career, a babysitter with too much on her shoulders, and the adorable nine-month-old who brings them together. 

Dr. Parker Flagg needs help with his daughter, Grace. After handling raising her by himself while teaching physics, he’s reached his limits. He finds himself back home on Palmar Island, trying to get his feet back under himself with the help of his mother and the small southern community he grew up in.

When a friend asks him to help out at the local high school, he agrees under one condition. He needs a reliable nanny to care for Grace.

Robin Warren hasn’t had the easiest upbringing. She’s making the best of it, taking any job she can to cobble up enough money to attend the local community college part time. When she hears about a babysitting job that allows her to continue her class, she jumps at the chance.

What neither of them expected was the instant attraction they felt. Maneuvering the fine line between professional relationship and budding love is hard enough in a small southern town where gossip runs rampant. But when Parker’s ex-wife shows up out of the blue and wants back into Parker and Grace’s life, all bets are off.