He thought he had it all … and lost it. Little did he know that true love was waiting just around the corner in a little hidden gem of a bookstore.

Simon Johnson thought he had life figured out. Running a successful company, a stunning fiancee, a swanky uptown apartment. Within a matter of weeks it all comes crashing down and his best friend falls for Simon's little sister. He heads back home to Palmar Island to lick his wounds.

Growing up in the shadow of her southern bell mother wasn’t easy. Neither is dealing with the string of gentlemen from good families the woman is trying to set her up with. Sophie Davenport would much rather spend her days running the quaint little bookstore she’s inherited from her paternal grandparents.

Everything changes when Simon walks into The Book Nook and into Sophie’s life.

Solace of Simon is a clean contemporary beach romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

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