Their marriage was supposed to solve their problems, not add to them… but when sparks start to fly, things become a lot more complicated than they anticipated. 

Samantha Mae Sutton (Brad’s sister). She’s a young trust fund billionaire. She’s smart as a whip but due to her father’s will she can’t get control of her money until she’s married. When a deal of a lifetime with an up-and-coming clean energy company falls into her lap, the race is on. Can she drag someone to the altar before the deal falls apart? 

Jason McKenna has been friends with Sam’s big brother Brad since they shared a room in college. His family’s golf course empire is in a bit of a pickle. Millenials don’t golf and the company has to embrace a major shift to stay afloat. But that takes money he doesn’t have. Marrying the wealthy Sam to help her get access to her trust fund sounds like the perfect solution. Until he finds out who she is…

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